Converged Infrastructure (CI)


Our converged infrastructure solution operates by grouping multiple IT components of Data Center into a single, optimized computing package. This includes servers, storage systems, networking equipment and software for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration in a pre-assembled package delivered to our clients. The solutionsare often pre-designed and pre-tested for specific types of applications such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Sharepoint, etc. You can be up and running within days rather than weeks or months that it normally takes in traditional environments to get server-provisioned, network-connected, storage-connected and application deployed.

ISIT offers a choice of converged infrastructure solutions from established players in the market. Our technical design experts will map your requirements to the right solution and vendor so you get the maximum out of your technology investment. You no longer have to do siloed legacy infrastructure that takes time to manage, requires multiple teams to deploy, uses too much space, cooling and power, and eats into already tight budgets.

Benefits of Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure provides both technical and business efficiencies. It also reduces complexity through the use of pre-integrated hardware with virtualization and automation management tools.

Business Benefits

  • Service-Centric IT
  • Optimized application delivery
  • Business innovation

Increased IT Agility

  • Virtualize IP and Fibre Channel storage networking
  • Single management console
  • Automate workloads and allocate resources dynamically
  • Adopt the cloud or cloud service that best addresses your needs

Lower Costs

  • Lower capital expenses resulting from higher utilization, less cabling, and fewer network connections
  • Lower operating costs resulting from reduced labor via automated data center management and a consolidating storage and network management infrastructure teams
CI for Data Center
Our converged infrastructure solution for Data center combine storage, networking, and server components into a single, flexible architecture for enterprise workloads. It is a validated design that ships as aready-to-deploy infrastructure in a rack. It comes with a single management console for management of all the components including automation and orchestration tools for fast provisioning of virtual machines and their underlying resources.

The solution is ideal to speed up deployment of cloud-based datacentre infrastructures and business critical applications while reducing costs, complexity and risk. Solution ensures interoperability between component hardware providers and provides unified support for all components within the converged stack.

CI for Specific Applications
Our converged infrastructure solution for Applications is a pre-validated configuration that delivers a virtualized data center in a rack composed of leading computing, networking, storage, and infrastructure software components. The solution is optimized for specific applications such as VDI, Microsoft® Exchange Server, SharePoint®, SQL Server®. This greatly accelerates your deployment cycles and enables you to get the application in the hands of your users faster, than if you were to procure the infrastructure components separately and then size and test them for a specific application. Once again, as with Converged Infrastructure solution for datacentre, this solution comes with unified support.

The solution is agile and scales up storage and compute pool capacity or performance within the solution configuration while maintaining centralized management of the infrastructure solution.

In today’s highly competitive climate, having insight into operations and responding quickly to changing conditions are critical to success. Although an abundance of business information exists, the inability to analyze it quickly forces companies to settle for slower results or remove critical data from operational applications and analytic models to improve response time.

ISITsolution offerings for SAP HANA helps deliver business insights more effectively, with a continuously available configuration that enables organizations to stay ahead of the competition. The SAP HANA solution offerings cover different sets of customer requirements including HA, Standby, DR and backup to enable deliver the solution in most comprehensive form. Our solutions deliver increased flexibility and infinite ‘building block’ scale-out capabilities. Improve decision making by correlating SAP HANA data with data from external systems.

CI for Edge or ROBO
The solution to inefficient branch infrastructure can be found in modern datacenters: converged infrastructure. Branch converged infrastructure builds on proven techniques pioneered by datacenter providers, but optimized for the unique requirements of the branch. The result is a single, standardized, pre-integrated stack that enables users to access applications running at high speed locally in the branch while primary data is stored in the datacenter. ISIT solution offering for branch converged infrastructure centralizes data in the datacenter and delivers local performance and instant recovery at the branch.
Hyper Convergence is the next wave in the evolution of IT convergence that goes far beyond combining servers and storage. It brings webscale IT pioneered by Amazon, Facebook and Google to enterprises. It brings many services that make legacy services like data protection, deduplication, etc. obsolete.

ISIT is partnering with leading Hyper Convergence vendors to bring these unique solutions to our customers.