Cloud Computing


Private and Hybrid Cloud
ISIT can help you transition from your traditional IT model to a Private Cloud for greater IT flexibility, agility, efficiency and cost savings and extend it to a hybrid cloud. Through our partnership with leading technology providers, ISIT can offer you several technology options to choose from to achieve your cloud computing goals. Accelerate time to market. Automate faster. Reduce provisioning time and management costs. Our team is ready to discuss the options to make the private and hybrid cloud a reality for your IT.
Cloud Backup
With the never ending demand to maintain the highest levels of data integrity for increasingly large data sets, companies are increasingly challenged in finding effective data protection solutions that balance cost, data protection, and DR features. Historical approaches such as tape backup and disk to disk replication for protecting data and ensuring recoverability in disaster scenarios face enormous constraints due to the amount of human intervention such solutions require to meet recovery requirements.

ISIT Cloud Backup offerings are designed around the need for maintaining the highest data integrity, while at the same time delivering the performance and costs that companies need in such a backup and DR solution.

Cloud Automation
IT can no longer take weeks to provide infrastructure and services that their customers expect. IT needs to adopt automation at various levels of the organization. The Cloud automation offering from ISIT allows IT to deliver infrastructure services in minutes while relieving IT personnel from manual and time consuming processes.

In today’s modern virtualized data centers, applications are deployed within minutes on virtual machines, yet provisioning the underlying server, network and storage infrastructure can be a time consuming process. The Cloud Automation solution delivers programmable application containers across computing, networking, and storage resources that are configured to the needs of the specific application to reduce manual steps and extend the automation benefits to the entire infrastructure stack. The benefits are improved business agility, increased efficiency of infrastructure management and services delivery through a single infrastructure provisioning and automation tool across computing, networking, and storage resources.