Consulting Services



Data Center Infrastructure Consulting
This service offering from ISIT entails the understanding and assessment of business and the infrastructure present in a particular environment which includes network, security, servers, applications, storage and databases. Business requirements are mapped to IT requirements to identify gaps if any in the data center hosting the business services.A cost-benefit analysis is done to come up with a road map of how the IT infrastructure needs to be upgraded or revamped to meet the ever increasing demands of the business.
Data Center Virtualization Planning and Consulting
Virtualization is here to stay and it has been heavily adopted by most IT organizations to better utilize their server, storage and network resources so they can do more with less and deliver services to their end users faster than ever. Virtualization also drives IT efficiency and higher return on investment. ISIT, with their extensive knowledge in the virtualization and networked storage space and their partnerships with leading technology vendors, offers a complete assessment service for your existing business systems and servers and develop a road map to convert these services running on physical servers into a virtualized environment for a better ROI for the business.
Data Migration for heterogeneous storage systems
In today’s demanding business environment, an important feature of IT is flexibility. IT decision makers often need to deploy technologies from multiple vendors in order to deliver a best of breed platform to their end customers. In this process many of the small, medium and large business organizations end up running a host of technologies from different vendors. This in turn makes the task of migration of data between heterogeneous storage systems a precarious and time consuming process. ISIT, with their proven experience of working with multiple vendor storage systems, technologies and tools has expertise in handling these tasks with high level of precision and minimum downtime.
Application Migration Service
This service from ISIT leverages our in-house skill sets honed in over the years through delivery of hundreds of projects to our customers. ISIT can undertake migration or up-gradation of applications such as messaging, active directory and database migrations involving thousands of users across different types of hardware.
Backup Healthcheck and Optimization Service
One of the best, efficient and economicalmethod for having a reliable Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is to have an efficient backup strategy. Backup strategy does not mean just completing a successful backup. It also involves indexing, maintaining the backup logs and a comprehensive restoration plan to be able to restore data with a high level of precision.
Disaster Recovery Consulting
ISIT’s Disaster Recovery (DR) Consulting Service includes all the IT related components and processes required to deliver a successful DR plan. In addition, ISIT can also implement the plan for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and Enterprise customers using the latest tools and technologies from various vendors.