Information Risk Management


Network/Host Vulnerability Management

Our Host Vulnerability Management solution provides complete visibility into the enterprise network including all networked devices and their associated operating systems, applications and vulnerabilities. Coupled with Network Vulnerability Management, we provide insight into potential impact (Leap frog/Waterhole attacks) of sharing a vulnerable host along with a critical production system by correlating configurations of systems sharing the network.

Risk Management

Our Enterprise Risk Management solution is an on-premise web based solution that automates the task of managing risks in an enterprise. It replaces manual tracking and risk treatment plans that are error-prone and people dependent. It is a simple and intuitive solution based on a .Net framework. It supports compliance to ISO 31000 (for compliance to high level strategic risks) and also supports ISO 27000 (for compliance to information security risks). In addition it enables compliance to internal audit findings and supports easy monitoring and tracking of remedial plans.