Data Loss Prevention

To protect information and prevent its loss requires technology combined with people and processes. An effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy aims to reduce the potential for data loss not only by enabling companies to deploy automated controls, but also by helping them identify risk, establish policies and processes, and educate users. ISIT recommends that organizations look at implementing a DLP strategy consisting of multiple technology components in a phased manner to close all potential gaps and exit points through which leakage of confidential data could occur.  But before any technology is deployed, a process needs to be put in place that identifies where and how sensitive information is created, used, processed, moved, shared, stored and retired so it can be protected throughout its lifecycle. ISIT can assist customers to put this process in place and then enable them to deploy technical solutions that will systematically protect the confidential data.

Data Classification

ISIT’s classification solution improves the security of an organization by giving users the ability to proactively identify the data that they are producing. The tool enables easy classification and labeling of emails messages, Microsoft Office documents and other desktop documents such as PDF, CAD and jpeg files. Labels are fully customizable to meet internal and regulatory marking standards, and can be used to indicate any type of information, including data sensitivity (Public, Confidential), department (HR, Finance), and retention period (Archive for 30 Days).Users add classifications with a simple and intuitive interface that requires little or no user knowledge of regulatory marking standards.

ISIT’s Document Classification solution easily integrates into existing IT environments and enhances other infrastructure solutions, providing an excellent ROI and immediate compliance and information protection impact.

Data Loss Prevention through Deep Content Inspection

ISIT Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution comprises of a deep packet inspection tool which prevents sensitive data from leaving the network perimeter or endpoints by being hidden or embedded into another file format. It safeguards data wherever it lives – on the network, in storage systems or at the endpoint. Within a short time the system gathers a wealth of information about your data use, allowing you to start building effective policies that immediately deliver value. It enforces policies for information leaving the network through email, webmail, instant messaging (IM), wikis, blogs, portals, and Web 2.0 technologies. It ensures the security of the information you know is sensitive and needs to be protected—Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and financial data—and the information you want to protect, such as highly valuable intellectual property.

Information Rights Management

While traditional DLP/Deep Packet Inspection tools can prevent loss of sensitive information, its purpose is lost when you need to collaborate and share this sensitive information with third parties or internal employees with access to use of information for day to day business purposes.

ISIT’s Information Rights Management solution applies security mechanisms directly to the file. These protections travel with the file wherever it goes without requiring any special steps on behalf of the user. It does not matter which servers or disk drives the file resides on, which networks the file traverses through, or even what device is used to access the information; only authorized users can open and modify the file.