Content Management


Internet Web & Mail Gateway Content Management

Web Gateway uses proactive intent analysis to filter out malicious content from web traffic in real time. By scanning a web page’s active content, emulating and understanding its behavior, and predicting its intent, our Web Gateway proactively protects against zero-day and targeted attacks.

Web Gateway combines local protection, its powerful proactive intent analysis, with cloud-based Threat Intelligence to provide advanced protection. For both URL categorization and security-focused web reputation, choose between on premise and cloud lookups, or opt to use a combination of both for optimal protection and performance.

Our Mail Gateway solution provides the industry’s most comprehensive email security threat classification and email security management solution against phish, virus, spam emails, and other email borne malware. Enterprise emails are classified based on the level of email security threat to an organization and managed accordingly, whether it is valid email, nuisance spam, or malicious, low-volume phishing attacks. Our email security threat protection solution uses real-time email message tracing to provide the necessary security tools to triage any security threats and the email security solution is backed by an enterprise-class support organization focused on supporting your mission critical business communications.