Enterprise Digital Forensics Labs
Our Enterprise Digital Forensic Lab Solution encompasses a wholly integrated virtualized application delivery architecture which brings forth all required Forensic tools, along with Chain of Custody and Case Management Solutions in a single unified platform. Our Enterprise Digital Forensics Lab comprises of suite of forensics, eDiscovery Software which are scalable with integrated storage, security and virtualization architecture.
Intelligent Analytics Platform
Our intelligence analytics platform consists of tools which aid the potential investigators or analysts to perform link analysis along with a host of other intelligence analytics tool sets aiding them in case management, link analysis, analysis and visualization. Our Integrated Analytics Platform can seek and be connected to a variety of data repositories from Social Media, to customized external databases.
eDiscovery Suite
Our eDiscovery suite is well integrated with various forensic platforms with the capability to directly work with various Forensic Image Formats. Our eDiscovery suite is defined by features which aid in Early Case Assessment, Culling, Collation and advanced Analytics.
Advanced Data Recovery Capabilities
Our Advanced Data Recovery capabilities include Chip-off Forensics and Damaged Media Recovery.
OSINT & Social Media Analytics

Our OSINT and Social Media Analytics platform serve as a unified platform for collection, targeting, processing and data mining for producing quality Intelligence estimates and profiling.

  • Forensic Collection
    • Digital Forensics Software’s
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Triage
  • Data Recovery
    • Hard Disk Repair and Recovery
    • Chip Off Forensics
  • Analytics Solutions
    • eDiscovery
    • Intelligence Analytics
    • Cross Case Correlation
  • Compliance Solutions
    • ISO 17025 Compliance
  • Training
    • Digital Forensics Training
    • Mobile Forensics Training
    • Network Forensics Training
    • Advanced Network Forensics Training