A look into the non-business side of ISIT CEO, Mahesh Vaidya

In addition to running a 45-people strong IT Company, the CEO of ISIT, Mahesh Vaidya is an avid practitioner of Yoga. He is a fitness enthusiast who is disciplined to core and solidly grounded in spirituality. His practice of Yoga enables him to maintain a healthy work-life balance and overcome the obstacles he faces as a leader in the competitive world of business and technology. Mahesh’s calm demeanour and his ability to handle crisis situations with a smile stems mainly from his practice of Yoga. Mahesh transmits this art to others by conducting classes on a regular basis in Dubai. Those seeking to benefit from both the physical and spiritual effects of this ancient art of living may contact him on Mahesh.vaidya@isit.ae or check out his videos on YouTube by typing “Mahesh Vaidya Power Yoga” in the search bar.

Article featuring Mahesh Vaidya in Gulf News ‘Friday’ magazine titled “ Building a Safety Net”






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